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What can I do for you?

Do you have obstacles, blocks or imbalances in your life? Do you need to clear unhealthy energetic agreements, contracts, or belief systems from prior generations? Not living up to your authentic self? Not carrying out your life's purpose? Do you have any unresolved conflict, unhealed emotional wounds, or traumatic events? Any damaging thought patterns or belief systems? Do you have limitations within your energetic field?

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How I can help.

Our energy is never lost it simply changes form. Emotional triggers or trauma that are not appropriately dealt with can stay stagnant in our energy field. Including but not limited to the ones left behind by our ancestors and previous lifetimes. These sometimes debilitating triggers are a rupture in our energy system that calls for repair and healing. Simply put, to repair the wounds, we need to reconstruct our energy fields. I create healing techniques that takes time and devotion to rehabilitate your body, mind, and soul. Your session comes from you, as I intuitively pull forward what your innate, highest self requires to align you with your Purpose. You are the healer, I am the guide. 

The work unfolds accordingly to your exact needs. Allowing you to align with your most authentic, best self. This alignment already belongs to you, you’re just subconsciously blocking your path. Get outta your own way.

Limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you showed up initially as self-protection, but no longer serve your highest good. Now they create lack, stuck energy, and imbalance. The good news? You can painlessly release limiting beliefs, even those you’re not aware of yet.

Are you ready to change your life? It's time to take the control back! It's time to start living your life as you were destined to. I layer in multiple approaches synergistically to help you resolve core issues on every level of your being. Dysfunction is complex- it’s holding you back from the life you want to live as the person you want to be.  Are you ready to change your life? It's time to take the control back! It's time to start living your life as you were destined to. A vibrant life can be yours. Not despite imbalance, pain, or trauma, but because of it. I’ll show you how. let's work together to heal the wounds you carry

Available Sessions and Treatments

For real change on every level.
Physical ⚛︎ Emotional ⚛︎ Mental ⚛︎ Spiritual ⚛︎ Energetic

Monthly Moon Meditation and Ritual

Natural Healing

 A monthly global service of meditation using visualization, hypnosis, NLP, and ancient wisdom. We will set intentions, and release unwanted limiting beliefs while anchoring in love, light, power and the will to do good. While supporting both global loving, and conscious humanity connections, together we can bridge the gap and bring awareness and light to the world. The moon provides opportunities for humanity to assist with the unfolding of the Divine Plan. These energies stimulate and influence certain spiritual qualities in group meditation especially love, light, and unity. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. 

Full Moon
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Past Life Regression

Release Unresolved Trauma and Anxiety

Clearing unhealthy energetic agreements, contracts, or belief systems. Getting rid of obstacles or blocks in your life. I can help guide you to a clear path. Contact me to find out more.

What to Expect

2-3 hour session 

Akashic Record Reading

Soul Level Information From The Etheric Body

Used in conjunction with other alternative therapies and certainly will become one of the most powerful tools in your spiritual kit. Learn about the history of your soul, gaining access to whatever your higher power deems important at that time. Book a session to find out more.

Reiki Treatment


An Ancient Science

A virtual energetic exchange or hands-on body treatment that leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. I love showing my patients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their overall health.

Virtual and In-Person Sessions.

Spiritual Mentoring/ Coaching

Awaken and Transform

As an intuitive empath and ordained minister I encourage you to invest in yourself. If you are fully ready to step into your authentic power and become all that you are meant to be but are in need of a bit of support, I am here for you. Are you looking for a personal support system to guide you through the highs and lows while keeping you on your path? Put your trust in me. 

Holding Hands
Services: Services

Energy is pure potential!
You can painlessly shift the potential for what’s possible for your future!


Healing emotional wounds, including generational despair, and gaining the power and confidence starts with you. I am so glad you are ready to change the patterns of your lifetime, and honored to help you begin to live this one as it was meant to be. I am looking forward to supporting you through your positive transformation and watching you bloom.

Let's get acquainted


A quick phone conversation to get to know one another.
This is an investment in yourself, so ask questions, get clarification, be discerning. And most of all, trust your own guidance.
I am more than happy to connect with you to help you choose which process suits you best!

Monthly Moon Meditations and Rituals

$22/ month

A guided meditation experience created specifically for each and every New & Full Moon. Meant to help you harness the energy each Moon and the cosmic events it brings. This is a selfless service for Mother Earth. As we nourish our nervous systems and open our energy channels, we in turn, help heal the ecosystems, because it/we are all connected.
Delivered to you every month with intent, journal entries, and goals. Allowing you to shift your life so that you can heal, grow, be more self-aware and raise your consciousness. This process takes the guessing out, I have done the work for you, all you have to do is show up ready to work on yourself!
**Nudge your friends to join, there is much more power in groups!

Past Life Regression


This is a 2-3 hour long session with me that will take you through a few different past lives, including their death. Once we have established your theme from these lives we will do some repair work together to encourage growth and an awareness to start anew. This is a beautiful experience that shifts the soul and cleanses the mind.

Past Life Regression (PLR)
Deep Dive

$205/ month

This is a package deal, perfect for someone who has more clearing and repair work to do. We meet once a month for a minimum of 6 months. This package also includes 1 complimentary Reiki treatment. At the end of the 6 month Deep Dive you will be more enlightened, more focused and spiritually inline for your next stage. This is an investment in yourself, which in the end gives you the best outcome with the highest profit.

Akashic Record Reading


Some of the many benefits of searching through your Akashic records are, identifying your soul’s core traits that contribute to your human personality.
To better understand your pattern of interactions with others. We can also uncover and explain troublesome or challenging circumstances. Perhaps you want to recognize any blocks to achieving your goals and highest potential. Together, we can find your soul purpose and life path. I encourage you to bring questions and we can ultimately look through the "log” of your soul’s journey. We will be given the answers your subconscious deems important at that time.


$50 (30 min)
$60 (45 min)
$75 (60 min)

A Reiki healing treats the whole person, body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It has many beneficial effects that include feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing. Reiki is a safe, simple, and natural form of spiritual healing and self-improvement that benefits everyone. This non invasive technique requires nothing of you except time. At the end of your session you will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on your responsibilities.

Spiritual Mentoring


Sessions are 60-min and are billed for additional 15-minute increments at $25 for each 15-minute add-on.

These are soul supporting sessions.

If you’ve been consciously participating in this life journey for a while, I’m sure you know by now that carefully chosen guidance can be helpful. These sessions can be a one and done, or you may choose to book a few, it is entirely up to you. If you are ready to do the work and soul seeking, I am here to guide you. I love to meet in nature for these sessions but I am just as happy on zoom.

I applaud you for using discernment and also allowing yourself to seek additional assistance along the way.

Spiritual Mentorship/Coaching

$222/ Week

8 weeks of self work and enlightenment. 60- min sessions with me weekly for 8 weeks. These sessions are designed to spark your higher intentions and get very precise on who you are becoming and how to actualize it into the physical world. You and I together, will discern what is best for you and your progression. We shift your energetic foundation before applying action, techniques, and strategies. You will be perfectly primed to release and get in flow. A program like this takes care, time, and patience. If you are ready to move forward in your spirituality and grow as a human being I am here to guide you.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions about the prices listed here, or to learn more about my offerings.

Services: Price List
Forest Scene

Please be aware each session is to be an addition to one's own personal process. Sessions are to be utilized as a joint effort. It is the responsibility of both the practitioner and client to hold open lines of communication in order to create the greatest results.

All sessions are deeply personal and tailored to the individual according to their specific needs and desires. Each individual and their process is held with the utmost respect and are fully confidential.

Energy healing and related services are to be regarded as a compliment to traditional medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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